Switch flush 3×1-pole QC

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Switch flush 3×1-pole QC

El. nr.: 1400540

  • 3×1-pole 16A
  • 84x84mm
  • IP20
  • Black colour: RAL9017, lacquered matte
  • 1/eco-package

  • Quick connection (QC)
  • Compatible with EGANT Fjord frames and RS16 (55x55mm)


NOTE!!! Permanent electrical system can only be installed by a registered installation company or electrician. Excluded are electrical equipment that is exclusively intended for use in fixed telecommunications installations, and electrical equipment that the consumer himself can legally install.

New series EGANT Fjord switch flush 3x1-pole.

3-switch buttons offer maximum flexibility to adjust the room's lighting. Modern design, soft texture and matte finish blend so flawlessly well in any interior. Featuring the finest Nordic quality and smart features such as Quick Connection (QC). Sophisticated from inside and out!