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New EGANT foot lamp dimmer LED

Floor lamps create the right ambience at home. But do they flicker, or the lamp switch is old and requires an upgrade to keep your installation safe?

New EGANT foot lamp dimmers are the right solution. Well-tested, the highest quality. Designed for dimming LED lamps, but can also handle other types. Compatible with 3-60VA LED but can also take 3-100VA incandescent lamp load.

By the way, lamp foot dimmers are super convenient! You can reach the switch on/off button with your big toe!

EGANT foot dimmers have an appealing design and come in trendy BLACK and WHITE colours.


  • Load control/min adjustment
  • Over Temperature Protection
  • Soft Start/Stop Button

Wide Load Type Compatibility:

  • 3-60VA LED
  • 3-100VA incandescent lamp load


  • Flexible cable H03VVH2-F or H05VVH2-F
  • Cross-section area: 0.5-0.75 mm²
  • Earth can be connected through the dimmer


CE, S (Semko), LVD (Low Voltage Directive), EMC

For indoor installation, black/white, push-button. Without cable.