We benefited greatly from over 30 years of experience in manufacturing electrical installation products.

Now EGANT brings Scandinavian inspired-timeless design, supreme quality and innovation to every interior.

EGANT is an integral part of the Etman Group international family. Scandinavian work ethic, respect and appreciation of every
employee allow us to cherish the Etman culture of nearly 500 employees.

1990: Origins


The Etman story began in 1990 in Norway with its purpose – to satisfy local electrical installation needs. Etman always retains its Norwegian-like focus on its customers. To this day, the COO and soul of the Etman company – Hans Petter himself – dedicates his time on-site to ensure the precision of manufacturing processes.


2007: Winds of Opportunity


Big winds of opportunity came into the Etman company in 2007 when Etman International ASA Group was listed on Norway’s stock market. During the same year, Etman opened its first store in Trondheim, Norway.

2014 & 2018: Expansion in Scandinavia


Continuing the expansion to other Nordic countries, the Etman store opened in Finland in 2014 and Sweden in 2018. Now Etman is well-known in Norway, Finland, Sweden, Denmark and other countries.

2018: Well-located Distribution Centre


The brand new distribution centre opened in 2018 in Klaipeda, Lithuania. Here we have in stock all the EGANT products for DIY (Do-It-Yourself) and SEMI-professional markets. A well-located distribution centre ensures quick deliveries.